Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Governments, I understand.

Dear governments,

I understand the difficultly of your situation. I do. I may rant and rave about your corruption and your greed, and to a great degree those rants ring true, but I also understand that many in your corpus are not corrupt. They are simply timid. They simply want to survive in an environment that is as unforgiving of them as it is of the rest of us.

I understand that gambling revenue is an easy tax. It is a voluntary tax. If you took all those who lost money in the year gambling, and collected taxes from them in the same amount that they lost, they would be angry. The end result is the same (they lost money), but the reaction is different.

This is arguably a form of stupidity. Different interpretations of the same end result. But these very same stupid people are also your constituents. They can vote you out. I understand how this can breed a sense of contempt for them. If they are so goddamned stupid to be taken in by charlatans of chips and cards, then so be it. Let them. Let them wallow in the prison they built themselves.

But remember, just as they see through different lenses, so do you. They are not stupid. They live a very different life than you. Their decisions seem stupid, but all people make good decisions in a moment. They always make the decision that seems the best, because that is what we do! We are decision machines. We spend every waking moment weighing and deciding. How can any of us righteously judge another person when we know that they make the best decision that they can. No human willingly makes a bad decision.

They do what feels good, what feels right, what feels pertinent, just as you do.

I understand that the system does not make this easy. Modern government, especially government on a national scale, is seemingly designed to encourage politicians who do not fight. It encourages politicians who say what the public wants to hear as opposed to what it needs to hear. It encourages politicians who trick the people and then justify that duplicity by hating them for their gullibility.

You must make your case and make it well, all while other politicians feed these people lie upon lie. But that is why this is a courageous endeavor. That is why this is something that requires leadership.

It is difficult. It is very difficult. I understand.

But we need leaders. We need people who are willing to be courageous and fight for common sense even when lies are so easily made tempting and attractive. Good leadership on a large scale is always a fight. And in this day and age, that makes it more valuable than ever.

The online casino industry needs regulation. Badly. But it needs regulation to protect people, not simply attach another parasite onto their backs. Please, governments, do that for us.

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