Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whoa. Pinnacle Sports Loses Galewind

Pinnacle Casino, our number-one pick, no longer runs the Galewind Casino.

I really can't stress how big this is. Galewind has been, time and again, shown to be one of the few good guys. It may seem extreme to say it, but I sometimes feel that they are the only good guy. I know that's an exaggeration, but in an industry that is so utterly overrun with tricksters, fake names, shell companies, and other general scumbags, well... you start to appreciate the upstanding ones.

Pinnacle has switched over to a live dealer casino package, which blows my mind. I hate live dealer. Has anyone actually had a good experience with live dealer casinos? I mean that as an honest question to anyone who reads this. All I know is my limited time with two or three packages, and they have been awful. They're slow, buggy, boring.

I heard tell, and I really have no way of confirming this, that live dealer is very popular in Eastern markets. Over there, it's actually expected for gambling houses to be crooked, so players all demand certain things to try to combat this. One of those mechanisms is to see the cards being dealt.

The downside, though, is brutal, unrelenting slowness.

They are running a product from a company that I have hitherto never heard of: Global Gaming Labs. According to a WhoIs lookup, they've been around since early 2009. The WhoIs is not anonymous, which is a good sign, but there's no other information beyond that. No street address and the phone number provided is a cell phone.

Pinnacle's new slot and table game providers are equally anonymous. They are "based" in The Isle of Man, but according to their business address, they are obviously a "phone on a desk" sort of operation. And considering that their web domain is registered in Costa Rica, something tells me that that is where their operation is actually based.

That's a big deal because Costa Rica is about as low as you can go on the totem pole of reputable countries for online gambling. Costa Rican law regulates gambling at the location where the wager is placed. That means that running an online casino within their borders is entirely unregulated. As long as the company pays for its business license and bandwidth fees, it can do almost anything that it wants.

The blowup with Gibraltar and Gtech/Spielo G2 has shown that most countries that purport to regulate their casinos don't actually do so. Gibraltar pretty obviously doesn't (and is corrupt as hell, to boot), and I think it safe to assume that most others do not as well. So think about that. If countries that supposedly regulate their casinos are not actually regulating their casinos, what about the jurisdictions that don't even claim to regulate their casinos?!

That's why if you see an operation out of Costa Rica, you do not gamble there. Both of the companies with which Pinnacle has partnered are now out of Costa Rica. It literally pains me to say this, but you should no longer play Pinnacle's casino. I can say nothing about their sportsbook. I'm assuming that those operations are still 100% in curacao. But their casino is now a casino non grata.

One of the things about Galewind that is great is that they are an actual company, with actual people, with actual telephone numbers. When you do a search on Galewind, you find, shockingly, Galewind. I suppose that you have to be involved in the industry to some degree to understand how amazing that is. I may act all high-'n'-mighty, but I'm not a part of the industry; I'm just an observer. But if anything, that only drives home how corrupt everything is: someone like me can know the score. Everyone has an alias; no one is who they say they are; there are shell companies wrapped inside shell companies. It's a mess.

Even major players like IGT, Microgaming, Playtech: it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find out who owns what and where. They're all based in tax havens with no regulation and owned by silent partners. This is to say nothing of the casinos themselves. Paddy Power, Virgin Casino, 32Red: who owns them? Who knows!

This is partially understandable. Governments love to suck blood from the gambling industry, and they get angry when others come to suck blood from their chattle. And by chattle, I of course mean the citizens of these governments. As such, governments will start doing things like arrest people with no legal justification, arrest more people with not legal justificationviolate international treaties, and invent bad laws. If governments are just as bad as the worst casinos, and I owned a casino, I would want to be invisible, too.

Unfortunately, that creates a world where scum thrives. When governments push stuff into the shadows with their own bad behavior, things get bad and get bad quickly. Look at the drug "war." Oh yeah. That's been a rousing success. Mexico is almost literally a war zone.

Now we are left with a rather large question, and one that will likely never be answered: did Pinnacle dump Galewind or did Galewind dump Pinnacle?

Pinnacle's decision to go with a surprisingly shady company makes me wonder about the future of Pinnacle itself.

Three of Pinnacle's owners were arrested in a multi-state sting in the U.S. late last year. According to some industry scuttlebutt, these guys were not involved with the day-to-day operations of the company, but what they were doing did funnel down to Pinnacle. This lends credence to the idea that Galewind dumped Pinnacle to preserve their good reputation.

But even if Pinnacle went rogue, the damage would be on Pinnacle, not Galewind. And it would seem foolish to drop a client as large as Pinnacle, this lends credence to the idea that Pinnacle dumped Galewind. But then, we're left to wonder why Pinnacle would do something so stupid. Galewind has arguably the best reputation of all major companies in the online casino world. Did something simply go down between the two companies? Did someone sleep with someone else?

The two major differences between the new casino and the Galewind casino are the live dealers and the large selection of slots.

The large slot selection is the domain of penny slot players, and these are not Pinnacle's target demographic. Are they hoping to get more of them? That seems unlikely because Pinnacle doesn't offer bonuses, which are basically a requirement for the penny slot crowd. Perhaps this is an indication of Pinnacle's intent to start offering bonuses. But again, that would be odd since Galewind has a bonus casino which we all saw, briefly, during the now-infamous debacle with Hero's Casino.

Perhaps they plan on starting an affiliate network for their casino. Based on the musing of Galewind's president, they appear to be opposed to affiliates because of the continuing damage they cause to the industry, *cough*Casinomeister!*cough*. But affiliate calculations would all take place on the financial side, not on the casino side. Pinnacle could have just bolted an affiliate system on top of the casino.

The live dealers may have been the key element, but I've only ever heard bad things about them. Dedicated online players like speed and that is something live dealers really, truly, horribly do not have. As I mentioned, live dealers are, I've heard, popular outside of Western markets. But again, and for this I have actual supporting data, online gambling is almost non-existent in Eastern countries. Physical gambling is everywhere, but online, not so much.

There is a third, more subtle difference, as well: the RTP of the games. The Wizard of Odds is famous for loving video poker. He's also famous for saying that no one should play games for money, since it's always a losing bet, so to speak. But the hard-core video poker players care more about RTP than almost any other group of players on the Internet, which is why Galewind's video poker games, even though they never had the much-beloved multi-hand games, were held in such high regard.

The RTP of the new video poker games is far lower than Galewind's. That cannot be a coincidence, but what it signifies is still a mystery.

For example:

Deuces Wild
New Casino: 96.77%
Galewind:  98.91%
Difference: 2.14%

Joker Poker
New Casino: 97.47%
Galewind: 98.94%
Difference: 1.47%

Those differences are massive. That's the difference between a place where people will want to play video poker, and a place where they won't.

So we now have another possibility. Did Pinnacle dump Galewind because they wanted to lower their RTPs but Galewind said no?

First, lowering the RTPs is horrible business. They are stupid if that was their motivation. But even then, I can't imagine Galewind saying no to that sort of request. Adjusting RTPs for clients is a common practice in the industry. This answers nothing!

And the final difference, which is arguably subjective, is that the quality of their new games sucks. The slots are slow and their table games are truly awful. They look and play like products from online casinos of many, many years ago. Archaic is a good word to describe them. Galewind's games were never the prettiest, but they are goddamned super-models in comparison to some of these new games. This is especially true of games like blackjack. Their new casino does have multi-hand blackjack, and that is good, but I dislike everything else about their design and interface.

I've posted a comparison of Baccarat. Not only does the Galewind product look loads better, the Multislot version has this horrific voice over that babbles at you with each hand telling you the results of the game. I'm not deaf. I can see the cards. What in the bloody-hell were they thinking? Did someone's wife just want to be involved?

Everything about this is puzzling and disappointing. I'm not a high-roller by any means, so Pinnacle doesn't much care about me, but I only played at their casino. I list Nordicbet and 3Dice, because I did and do like them well enough, but when I voted with my wallet, every vote went to Pinnacle. And now, without a Galewind casino anywhere else, I have nowhere to play!

All I can say is that I hope Pinnacle either reopens their Galewind casino or Galewind opens a new casino somewhere. Because as I'm sure you can figure out from my reduced blogging, I haven't played much recently. But that doesn't mean I don't want to in the future.

This is all so disappointing.


  1. i played live dealer a bit when they first started doing it. I think it was 2010 or 2011. It was fun at first. I got bored pretty quick though. Its a gimmick imo.

  2. Do you know where I can find another casino?

    1. No. I've sent e-mails to both Pinnacle and Galewind, but I haven't heard anything back from either.

  3. Pinnacle has also done away with their 0.3% rebate.Yet another reason to strike them off the list.

    1. They have "cash back" now, though. Does anyone know what that is? I'm assuming that it's crap but I haven't yet, and really have no interest in, actually playing the games for money to find out.

  4. I am so fucking pissed about this. I sent them an email telling them that they're fucking stupid. I haven't heard back. I'll post it when I do.

  5. I don't mind the new games. I miss Galewind but this isn't BAD.

    1. I've thought on it for awhile now, and I disagree. Making a good game is not hard. It requires some simple play testing, an artistic eye, and on and on. That means that whenever a game fails, it's really stupid. It shouldn't! These new games are ugly, unstable, and I don't like how the buttons are laid out. That pretty much says it all.

  6. Hello.My name is Chris Colby.I am the President of Galewind Software Corp.

    I can provide one data point to this post.Pinnacle notified Galewind that they were going to be replacing us with new software.

    Their logic was that they wanted to provide a "Live Dealer" product to expand their business in the Asian market.The "Live Dealer" capability was to become the focus of their casino offering.

    As Black Jack has posted in his article, it was explained to me that a "Live Dealer" is the only acceptable online casino product for this market because of an INTENSE skepticism regarding the honesty and integrity of "RNG-based casino games".

    Other than that, I know nothing.The option of integrating Galewind into the Global Gaming Labs (GGL) system was never presented to us for discussion.

    Indeed, I can accurately state that nothing was presented to us for discussion.We were told we were being replaced, but (other than the "Live Dealer" capability by GGL) we were not given any reasons for this replacement by Multislot.

    So, business is business, and ultimately - shit happens.Our product has been their casino since Sept. 1, 2004 - we had a pretty good run.


    1. Chris, thank you very much for the reply. I sent you an e-mail through your contact page, so I assume that you're responding to that.

      That's a remarkably bad thing. I'm glad that we know, though. Perhaps Pinnacle will respond with a broader explanation of their logic. Indeed, it would be helpful because I'm curious about live dealer. As in, do people actually play in them in large amounts? Not like they would tell us that, one way or another, but maybe some other factoids.

      Now that you know we are here, please keep us up to date on when another casino comes online. Either that or if Pinnacle reconsiders. I don't much care where I play, just so long as it's Galewind.

      I also sent you an e-mail to your personal account from the Galewind page. If you didn't get it, check your spam folder. I think it's because my mail name has "casino" in the domain, but e-mail from me frequently gets junked.


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