Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nordicbet Still Seems Alright

There is a slow-motion train wreck going on regarding Casinomeister, Betfred, and Lottomatica/Spielo G2. Basically, one of the games provided by Spielo G2 at Betfred was found to be "gaffed." This term is being used to mean rigged, but those involved have to be careful about which words they use because of possible legal exposure.

We have a long work-up and analysis of this situation in the works, but until then, I think it necessary to address that one of our chosen casinos, Nordicbet, were also entangled in the hullabaloo.

Nordicbet was running the games in question, and after analysis, determined that at least one of the games was indeed performing "incorrectly." They summarily pulled all of Spielo G2's games and refunded players.

This was actually news to me, because I wasn't even aware that Nordicbet were running these games. I was under the impression that they were an entirely Net Entertainment house.

Regardless, I have doubts about how they could not have known that one of their games was "gaffed," but it is possible. Nordicbet generated some significant good will when they were the first casino to admit fault, pull the games, and refund players.

We will be keeping our eyes on Nordicbet for the near future. I hope nothing else happens, because they have hitherto been a rather clean house.


  1. the inner circle over at cm has already managed to push the issue into oblivion. it's f**king vomit inducing.

    1. Anonymous,

      Please. We're all adults here. Feel free to swear like a seventh-grader.

    2. lol. right on.


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