Friday, September 7, 2012

Avoid Betfred (And Casinomeister) Like The Plague

Betfred's strange Terms & Conditions have translated to a full-on shitstorm over at Casinomeister. The thread, which is ongoing as I write this, has not only revealed the corruption of Betfred, but the degree to which Casinomeister is corrupt.

In my mind, this thread drives the final nail into the coffin for the once-respectable website. Casinomeister is nothing more than a protection racket--a shill bought and paid for by the casinos from which the website should be protecting consumers.

In the thread, even after numerous people politely and repeatedly stated that issues were never addressed, both Betfred's representative, Casinomeister, and Casinomeister's cronies were rude, condescending, and belligerent. Instead of actually answering the issues, they simply waved their hand and said the issues didn't actually exist.

Of course, the issues did exist. They very much existed, and the problem is that there was no way to answer them. Betfred is corrupt and this revealed them to be. Betfred ordered Casinomeister to shut this down, and since CM appears to be little more than a shill, he did just that.

The abuse of the forum members didn't work, the banning of the original poster didn't work, the repeated statements that this was a case of simple fraud didn't work, so he did what he had to do: he simply locked the thread and stopped the conversation. Casinomeister is scum.

I completely, 100% recommend that you read the entire thread. This is disgusting. And afterward, make sure to read another thread that describes an eerily similar set of circumstances, where after Casinomeister outright called a guy a scummy liar and banned him... just like here... the incessant attention of forum members forced him to recant and un-ban the user. And as with this thread, since it made CM look like the sack of crap that he is, he closed the thread before people were done.

In that thread, Casinomeister's immediate and absolute support of the casino over the player again reveals how corrupt he is. There's a reason why his motto was originally "Player advocate," and now reads "advocate for fair play."

Because he doesn't give a rat's ass about the player, and neither does Betfred.


  1. are you guys aware of the eff-up over at cm? betfred was cuaght using cheating software.

  2. Anonymous,

    Yes. We are following that VERY closely. We will be writing an article about it shortly.

    It is especially interesting to us because Nordicbet was also implicated, although not as red-handed as Betfred was.

  3. Casinomeister is a thug. He bans everyone. Hes a greedy piece of shit just like everyone else.

    1. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

  4. I pretty much AGREE with the main Title that says:''Avoid Betfred (And Casinomeister) Like The Plague ''.
    In fact it should be called themselves as''Crapmeister ''.

  5. Jejejejejejejeje!
    Why do not you GUYS try out the FOBT machines at the Bookmaker Betfred?.

    1. I assume that you're talking about the "fruities" that Betfred keeps in its physical locations in the UK. I really dislike those machines. I want a machine that is real, genuine chance. Fixed-odds is little more than a lottery ticket with animation. Yes, there's little different from my perspective, but I KNOW — I know that the machine is just a lottery ticket. That's enough to drive me away. Give me real slots. Or better yet, just give me some cards.


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