Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Terms & Conditions (T&C's) Are Absolute Hogwash

As many of you probably know, almost all online casinos have a massive "legal" document nestled away somewhere on the site that are the "terms and conditions" of using the site. To be fair, most websites have something similar, and most software has something called the End User License Agreement, or EULA.

I put the word legal in quotes above because while the T&C's present themselves as being some legally binding, legitimate document, they are not. In fact, in the few times EULA's and T&C's have made it to the courts, the company involved either settles, or the judge has ruled against them.

No, the only purpose of T&C's is to provide some semblance of legitimacy to an operation that can essentially do whatever the hell it wants. Most of the players are in countries other than the one in which the casino is incorporated. And even if the player is down the road from the casino, the laws in these countries are, conveniently, so lax as to make successful cases difficult. Truly, a player has no legal recourse.

That is the reality. You have no defense. As such, the advice that I have is to ignore the T&C's of any casino. Because it doesn't actually matter what is in the T&C's, the casino can and will do whatever it wants. If it wants to take your money, it will simply find language within its T&C's to make this action seem legitimate. That is the primary reason for the existence of Robot Exclusion rules. Robots cannot be proven, which is why they are used as the ultimate weapon to take whatever the hell the casino wants.

This is not meant to say that all casinos will eventually do this. Many casinos are, I'm sure, upstanding companies that just want to sell online games. The problem is that even these casinos have T&C's that are not truly legal documents, and they are frequently loaded with sometimes-arbitrary rules and regulations, many of which could be exploited for nefarious purposes.

My advice is to simply ignore the T&C's. Take the casino at face value (accept a one-time bonus once, play games as you would in a real casino, etc.) and simply hope that if you win big, the casino doesn't decide to just take your money.

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