Friday, May 4, 2012

My #3 Pick: 3Dice

3Dice is a small casino running proprietary software, but they have an excellent reputation. They have the usual collection of ridiculous terms and conditions, and even though they do not provide RTP data for all of their games, they do provide RTP-ish data for game families. Some is better than nothing.

I mentioned in my Pinnacle review how much I appreciated the frequent presence of Galewind's president in online forums. While I can't say the same for 3Dice as regards degree of participation, I can say that they are still frequently available at Casinomeister. Their president is informed, nice, and overall a solid example of a casino owner. Likewise, 3Dice's customer service is famous for being very good. If only they were more quantitatively upstanding, I would find them to be much better.

Unfortunately, the renowned quality of their customer services is bad in two ways. First, it means that customer service is called upon frequently, indicating buggy software. Again, many people who deal with Playtech and Microgaming casinos seem accustomed and completely willing to accept an awful user experience, so their primary means of measuring a casino's quality has nothing to do with actual quality, but on how the casinos handle the inevitable software failure.

Second, 3Dice caters heavily to the low-rolling slot demographic, which is the demographic most likely to call customer service in the first place. It's an old adage in business that 90% of the problems are caused by 10% of the customers. That means that 3Dice is being forced to expend significant resources on a demographic that is earning them relatively little profit. The only way to pay for this expenditure is to have low RTPs, which explains why 3Dice doesn't release those numbers: they suck.

The primary reason for my recommendation is that 3Dice is U.S.-facing. The UIGEA has reduced the selection of online casinos available to U.S. consumers to only the worst, most untrustworthy operations. 3Dice may not be ideal, but they do seem trustworthy. Basically, in the U.S., you take what you can get, and in that sense, 3Dice ain't bad at all.

They are a download product, which means that I would personally never use it. But if you have no worries about your computer, either because you don't mind reinstalling Windows in case of total failure or because you are masochistic, you may want to try them. I don't mean this to say that your computer will explode, only that download casinos don't have the best reputations (an understatement), and because of that, I avoid all of them.

The games themselves are decently attractive. Net Entertainment's games still hold the crown for prettiest games hands down, but 3Dice's newest selection is good. As with so many online software packages though, the flow of the games sometimes sucks. This is a hard characteristic for me to quantify in words, but I hope that you get the picture when I say flow. In Galewind's casino, I can play blackjack at five seconds per game, maybe less, if I'm feeling energetic. That would be impossible at 3Dice.

Overall, if you don't mind download casinos, and you're desperate for a good casino in America, then 3Dice may be the casino for you. My recommendation would be to perhaps try them, but I still think your ultimate goal should instead be to set up a proxy server or some other workaround to play at casinos that are not currently US-facing. Obviously, my first choices are Nordicbet and Pinnacle Sports, but the UK has a few respectable casinos with big names.

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